Build a campaign for a brand new collaboration between EA Games and Adidas, launching limited edition football shirts in both digital and physical spaces.
Using the full might of The Mill’s design team, we turbocharged our shoot footage using flash, typography, motion graphics, 3D and illustration
A modular, attention grabbing series of films that ran across social platforms and shattered client expectations. (Total video views: over 19 million. Total engagements: over 2.4 million. Shirts: sold out!)
Why would we fire Marcelo into space? Or melt Dybala into liquid? Why command a team of leopards or absorb the power of a star?
Alaba Aura
It all comes down to attention. Resize
When we met the client for the first time they were interested in complex post-production and choreographed action sequences. They were thinking about epic camera moves and photorealistic morphing techniques. Resize Copy
Naturally, this was music to our ears. But as we learned more about our audience we found ourselves pulling in a different direction.  
Alaba Mood
Our target demographic skewed young, male and extremely online. They spent many hours a day on social networks and chased limited edition streetwear from the likes of Supreme and Palace. What they didn’t do, for any considerable length of time, is pay attention. Resize (1)
This raised some strategic questions. Does photorealistic VFX add value to single-view Instagram stories? Do people want to watch complex action sequences on a mobile? Does any of this work in 1:1 or 9:16? And most importantly, is this the right approach for our client?
Close Leopard
With these questions in mind we began to craft a different strategic approach — one that sacrificed realism and intricacy in favour of energy and immediacy. Resize
By making our films bright and modular with high-impact visuals we knew we could stand out on busy social networks, retain the attention of a fickle audience segment and scale our films across a variety of platforms. Resize (2)
So we worked with the client to develop some wild visuals and deploy them in a way that would deliver maximum reach. We think the results speak for themselves. 

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Pogba Pose 3 V01