A series of reimaginings based on the iconic UMKVA logo
the brief
To reimagine the iconic ukmva soundwave logo to create a bold, eye catching and multi-faceted brand campaign.
the process
The brief was opened up to the whole design team who had full creative independence in creating 5 distinct looks. This was a studio wide collaboration.
the outcome
A fresh and distinctive brand identity for the 2018 awards campaign. The idents led the production design of the show and were used to brand the website as well as all printed material. Set to music, the idents are each independent and totally unique.

Co-Directed by Ivo Sousa and Stip, the five idents titled ‘Reaction’, ‘Ice’, ‘Strings’ ‘Reflections’ and ‘Blocks’ each have a different look and feel in terms of colour, texture and lighting.

Ivo explains, ‘The exciting thing about this brief was there were no typical brand guidelines or restrictions and this allowed the team to get very creative. The project was opened up to the entire design team which meant a wonderful opportunity for an entire studio collaboration.’

During the early concept phase the team experimented with a variety of textures, patterns and colour ways. The explorative nature of the project meant that the focus was not on the process but more on creating unique mixed media visuals. The result of which was a seamless blend of live action and 3D work.

Ukmva 2

Director Stip states, ‘Music played an important role across all 5 idents, however, we were not held back by fitting a certain genre. With each piece being released in a staggered format, we wanted every release to be unexpected and have it’s own striking identity’

The tracks accompanying each of the idents was specifically chosen, by music partner Jungle to compliment the visuals in each ident.  None were too strongly identifiable with a specific genre, which allowed the art to shine above the music itself during the live show.

Ukmva 1

The colour played a key role in bringing to life each unique design, Mill Colourist Thomas Mangham explains, ‘The grade needed to be visually strong with punchy contrast and colour. The design team had created beautiful textures to the shapes so I used a clarity tool to extenuate this and help bring the image to life’.

These interpretive reimaginings of the logo extended beyond the idents themselves: they led the set design of the awards show as well as becoming the brand for these 2018 UKMVA awards. The idents were featured in all the promotional material, on the website and in print as well as on the nomination placards.

The concepts helped create a new identity for the logo and the brand, moving away from static images - even the printed materials had a real feeling of movement to them, which gives these sometimes less interesting pieces something different and eye-catching.

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